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BOLO class principles

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Do it out of LOVE! At BOLO we believe you should move your body because you love it and not because you want to punish it. All our offerings and instructors reflect this principle — our classes are fun, challenging and inclusive and our trainers are non-judgmental, educated and serious good vibes.

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Sometimes one class isn’t enough! While we don’t encourage people to workout more than their bodies can handle, we also understand that sometimes you have a little left in the tank. WE HAVE TWO class rooms — one hot room and one hiit room — whose schedules will run compatibly so that you could do a high impact class in the regular room followed by a shorter hot class, doing something that compliments your high intensity workout. I.e. do a boxing class – then do a hot mobility class to stretch it out.

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We all have to start somewhere! Other than a few of our advanced boxing classes, our workouts are meant for EVERYONE. Whether you workout every day, are a weekend warrior, are just getting back into the swing of things or have never stepped foot in a gym — we GOT YOU! Everyone will be challenged, everyone will be supported, everyone will be accommodated. That is the BOLO MANDATE!

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No one wants to, or should, train the same way every day! We need our minds and bodies to be stimulated in different ways from one day to the next to keep our interests high, and avoid injury and physical plateaus. BOLO offers many different styles of fitness — from traditional boxing (our founder, CaleighFit’s specialty) to boxing fusion classes, MINDFUL MOVEMENT, bootcamp, specialty strength classes and lower impact pilates style. We aim to help you keep it fresh, interesting and of course, sweaty AF.