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Lift, hit, slam, sprint & SWEAT - the HIIT room hosts all of our high impact classes at room temperature. See class descriptions below.

What you need to know

  • We recommend shoes for all of our HIIT room classes

  • All boxing classes require handwraps. (Bring if you have – otherwise, we sell them at the front desk for $12)

  • We offer FREE boxing glove rental or BOLO gloves for purchase.



Don’t be intimidated by this technical style boxing class – no experience is required. This class will teach you all the boxing basics no matter what your skill level. Expect technical shadow boxing, bag work, some hand pad work, lots of body weight exercises, tons of sweat and stress-relieving vibes. All levels welcome.

Bring a pair if you have, otherwise we sell them here. Glove rental on us!



This traditional boxing class pays extra close attention to the trunk of the body. Expect crunches, planks, stability work and lots and lots of punches.

Bring a pair if you have, otherwise we sell them here. Glove rental on us!


Though lower impact, this class does not skimp on challenging the mind and body. Using only suspension straps (TRX) and the half stability ball (BOSU) as equipment – and sometimes both together – the full-body workout focuses on core engagement and strengthening small stability muscles from head to toe. All levels welcome.


A full body, full intensity class designed to keep the mind and body guessing with fun and creative workouts each week. HIIT, strength, and body weight – every class is a fun mix of all the best and most effective routines. Come because you love yourself and want to challenge the sh*t out of it! All levels welcome.



Expect to get your feet moving and the sweat dripping in this 45 minute full body workout. This cardio based class will challenge your speed & agility and will leave you with abs on fire! Don’t say we didn’t warn you ;).



Pad work, foot work and a little bit of controlled set sparring - this class will take your skills into the ring and to the next level.

**At least 20 boxing classes required to take this class to ensure success and safety.**

Bring a pair if you have, otherwise we sell them here. Glove rental is on us!



Push, pull, press and sweat – POWER HOUR will push the limits of your strength with different styles of movement. From weight lifting, to calisthenics, to explosive athletic conditioning – this workout will leave you feeling powerful, badass and DRENCHED!



Heavy beats, heavier punches. This intermediate boxing class will take your skills and your sweat to the next level. Expect footwork drills, big combos, pad work and more to the soundtrack of heavy hip hop beats.

**At least 5 boxing classes suggested.**

Bring a pair if you have, otherwise we sell them here. Glove rental is on us!



Flow, plank, crunch, lunge & drip - the HOT room schedule is an incrediblE complement to HIIT classes - offering lower impact (but high intensity) workouts you won’t find anywhere else. see class descriptions below.


  • All hot room classes (except for SweatBox & primal flow) require a yoga mat.

  • Bring YOUR OWN MAT - otherwise we rent them out for $2

  • come barefoot (no shoes in the hot room)

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hot class2.JPG


Perfect your fight game and still get a kick ass sweat! This class incorporates learning new boxing techniques – while holding small hand weights – with low-impact body weight moves. Expect your core and arms to be on fire and your fight game elevated after this 30-minute sweat-inducing routine.

Core quencher

Plank, crunch, twist and reach you way to a serious core challenge – using everything from bands, to gliders, to balls. Be prepared to feel the burn, wipe the sweat and possibly feel it the next day!


band burnout

This full body workout uses resistance bands to burn everything from arms, abs and of course – booty.



Set your lower body on fire with this low impact but intense class that focuses on strengthening the lower body. Tuck, thrust, lunge and squat you way to complete booty burn.



Get in touch with your inner animal in this body weight class that will have you crawling, gliding, twisting and walking like a four-legged friend. Expect to use muscles you didn’t know you had and fire up those core stabilizers in this low impact but ultra challenging sesh.



CORE & BOOTY focused! Balls, gliders, bands – oh my. This low impact, strength-based class uses a plethora of tools to strengthen the abs and a$$. Unlike our fast paced, high impact classes – in this workout: the slower you go, the harder you work. An amazing addition to high-impact routines. Expect to sweat a lot and feel this one the next day!



This class uses the traditional interval training system (20 seconds of work – 10 seconds of rest) to create an incredible full body workout that will keep you guessing, on your toes and drenched by the end. Never expect the same routine twice, this one will always be fresh, fun and go by hella fast.



Connect the mind, body and soul with intentional movement and powerful music. Combining yoga, pilates and meditation, this 45-minute class is designed to create empowered bodies, resilient minds and open hearts. There is a strong focus on breath work and micro movements. Challenge your physical and mental limits and feel a deep release.


sweat barre

Arms, back, shoulders, abs - this 30-minute barre-inspired sweat is almost entirely focused on upper body! Feel the burn thanks to this low impact but high sweat factor workout that uses light-weighs, lotsa reps, pulses, holds, planks, crunches and so much more.